What are the causes of excessive saliva production

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What are the causes of excessive saliva production

In our body, everything is made for a purpose. Same is the case with the saliva. When you are eating your food you must have noticed that the salvia appears in your mouth. This same salvia helps to begin the process of digestion in the mouth itself. It also aids us to speak properly and protects the mouth and teeth from any danger. However, due to some serious health conditions that natural production of saliva is increased. This is known as hypersalivation. There are many possible reasons and causes for the hypersalivation. So, let’s find out more about it! (Also read: What are the causes of the upper back pain)

Most pregnant women must have noticed that then produce more saliva during pregnancy. The causes for it are simple as they include, hormonal changes, nausea and heartburn. It is natural and it is not a cause for worry.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
The GERD is a common health condition that people face every now and then. In simple words, it means that the food content from your starts to back up in your food piper. This condition leads to heartburn, acidity and excessive salivation. The saliva production is increased as the food is back in the mouth. So, it is a reflux reaction. (Also read: How long you should wash your hands)

Coming in contact with toxins
The high level of toxins like mercury, insecticides impacts the body. This leads to the production of excessive saliva.

Swollen Adenoids
The problem of swollen adenoids can lead to the formation of excessive saliva in the mouth. The adenoids are the tissues located on the back of the nose. Due to infection, they are swollen and thus it is hard to swallow food. Hence, the production of saliva.

Throat pain and infection
The infection in the throat leads to excessive saliva production. It happens in case of throat inflammation as well and kids are more affected by it.(Also read: How to stay awake naturally for a longer duration)

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