What are the causes of excessive burping

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what are the causes of excessive burping

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Burping is an act of releasing air from the stomach through the mouth. The burping is also known as belching or eructation, it occurs when the stomach is filled with swallowed air. The burping is a natural process and a person can normally burp 3-4 times after consuming a meal. The normal belching does not require any treatment and has no consequences. If you are burping frequently then it may be the medical condition of an ulcer or a gallbladder problem. In the case of frequent burping, consult a doctor as the symptoms will worsen if left untreated. (Also read: What are the Amazing health benefits of farting)

Let’s know the causes of excessive burping:


Aerophagia is a condition of swallowing excess air and it is not a serious disease. People swallow air intentionally and unintentionally in many ways. This is the most common causes of excessive burping. Swallowing excessive amount of air can happen while eating or drinking too quickly. It can also occur while we talk and eat simultaneously.

Foods and beverages

There are many foods and beverages which cause frequent burping. These foods include carbonated drinks, alcohol, and foods high in starch, sugar, or fibre that leads to gas. Some common foods which cause excessive burping are beans, lentils, broccoli, peas, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, bananas, raisins and whole-wheat bread. (Also read: What Are The Daily Habits Are As Bad As Smoking)


what are the causes of excessive burping
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The consumption of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines also cause excessive burping. There are certain medicines that leads to burping.

A runny Nose
what are the causes of excessive burping
This is one of the most common causes of excessive burping as a runny nose makes you swallow excess air. A runny nose is a result of cold or allergy. Treating the cold or allergy is the best way to get rid off excessive burping.


The gastroparesis is health condition which leads to excessive burping. It is a disorder in which the muscles in your stomach walls become weak. Treating the disorder is the best way to get rid of excessive burping.

How is burping treated?

The normal burping does not require any treatment. If you are frequently burping, then you must consult the doctor at the earliest to identify the reason for excessive burping.


If your stomach is bloated and you are not able to expel air then lying on your side is beneficial for you. (Also read: What are the health benefits of orange essential oil)

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