What are the causes of burning sensation while peeing

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What are the causes of burning sensation while peeing

Peeing or urinating is a natural body function. When you urinate, you let go of toxins from your body. However, having a healthy and natural peeing routine is a luxury for many. Some people suffer from the problem of burning sensation while they pee. This is why they dread the whole process. This burning sensation is certainly unnatural and disturbing as it indicates that all is not well with your body. There are many possible causes for the burning sensation while peeing. (Also read: What are the signs that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress)

What are the causes of the pain during the urination?

Obstructive Uropathy
The obstructive uropathy means that your urine is unable to pass through the bladder or ureter or urethra due to some sort of hindrance. So the partial flow of urine arrives with a burning sensation.

Urinary tract infection
The burning sensation while peeing is the most common sign of the UTI or the urinary tract infection. The urinary tract infection occurs due to the presence of microbes in the urethra. It leads to a persistent urge to pee and it comes with a burning sensation. (Also read: Why do you want to pee all the time)

Yeast infection in vagina
When you have a yeast infection in your vagina it creates troubles for you. A yeast infection leads to a thicker discharge and a burning sensation while peeing.

Sexually transmitted disease
When you have a case of the sexually transmitted disease. In case of sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis or herpes, the signs and symptoms include painful urination accompanied by a burning sensation.

Urethral Stricture
It is a medical condition which affects men mostly. During this condition, the urethra narrows down. The wide space of urethra is important to provide space for urine to pass through. When space turns narrow, the urine flow finds it hard to pass through. All this leads to painful urination and burning sensation while peeing. (Also read: What are the various habits that are making you age faster)

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