What are the causes behind the trembling of hands

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What are the causes behind the trembling of hands

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Sometimes you must have noticed that when you are holding your phone or your cup of coffee your hands start trembling. The problem occurs all of a sudden. In the beginning, people don’t take it seriously, but gradually the problem starts increasing. Then, it becomes a cause of worry. After a certain age, it is not that uncommon. However, it is important to not take this lightly if it is a regular occurrence. There are many habits that lead to the trembling of hands. Let’s find out what are the possible cause of trembling of hands. (Also read: What are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins)

Essential Tremor
Essential tremor is one of the most common reasons behind trembling hands. It is a disease that is connected to your nervous system. It begins with your hand but can move to other body parts.

Suddenly stopping drink
When you suddenly stop drinking alcohol, your body goes through withdrawal. The shaking of the hands is a sign of that. It only lasts for few days, then you get over it.  (Also read: What happens to your body once you quit smoking)

Lack of B12
When your body is suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin B12, your nervous system can’t work efficiently. As a result, the body and brain can work in a synchronised way which leads to the trembling of the hands. So, to avoid this problem add Vitamin B12 oriented food in your diet.

Stress, anger, lack of sleep etc. are phycological issues that affect your nervous system in a negative way. The stress simply breaks down your body. This can also lead to trembling of your hand.

Parkinson’s Disease
When someone is suffering from the Parkinson’s disease, his or her brain cells get damaged. The trembling of hands is an early sign of this disease and slowly your whole body starts trembling. So, if you are facing this problem, it might be something serious.(Also read: Which everyday things are dirtier than a toilet seat)

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