What Are The Best Sources To Get Stronger Bones

What Are The Best Foods To Get Stronger Bones

Our body is supported by skeleton system hence, bones are the only medium which helps us to stay upright. Any negligence to bone health leads to body disturbances and day-to-day activities. Hence, a diet filled with healthy nutrients is essential to keep the bones stronger. There are many food products which can actually help you to get stronger bones. Below mentioned is the list:

Foods With High Calcium Content:
Calcium is the prime nutrient which is required for healthy and strong bones. However, an excess of it can also cause major bone related problems. To keep your bones healthy, you need to take the appropriate amount of calcium in your diet. Intake of green leafy vegetables is best to increase calcium content in the body. You can eat boiled or steamed green vegetables to get stronger bones.

Complex Carbs:
Our body requires such foods which do not let the muscle breakdown to keep bones health intact. Hence, complex carbs or carbohydrates are the best options for it. Foods like: Barley, Millet, Brown Rice and Cornmeal have a good amount of complex carbs which you should eat.

The proteins help the body to keep the calcium in use. Hence, eating foods rich in proteins like Eggs and Soy help in keeping the bone health good.

Vitamin D:
The sufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body does not let the bones turn brittle. Hence, eating foods rich in Vitamin D are essential. You can add in your diet portobello mushrooms or drink a soup of it to make bones stronger and healthier.

Rich Amount of Vitamin C:
Vitamin C helps the body to absorb Calcium. Generally, the calcium we intake goes waste due to not enough absorbing capacity in our diet. Hence, eating Vitamin C rich foods like Oranges, Mangoes, Tomatoes and Pineapples are actually beneficial for bone health.

Thus, add these foods to your diet if you want your bones to be healthier and stronger.

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