What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy

What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman needs extra energy to carry the baby weight and at the same time staying fit and healthy. The extra energy gets deposited in the maternal and fetal tissues. Moreover, the calories you burn helps in enhancing the basal metabolism. Not only for all these but during the pregnancy a woman requires too much of nutrients and a proper amount of fluid in the body. Water can not provide various nutrients to the body. That is why it is super important to consume healthy drinks at home. There is no need to go out and grab package drinks, you can opt some amazing homemade healthy drinks. Here we are going to discuss these drinks only. Let’s take a look:
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Lemonade is the best energy drink when it comes to making them at home. It keeps you hydrated overall and replenishes electrolyte in your body. It has lemon so, naturally, the vitamin C content is quite high. Moreover, it helps the body to absorb iron well for the formation of RBCs. It even helps to deal with the morning sickness problems and blood pressure too. You just need to cut one lemon in two parts and squeeze one part entirely on a glass of water. Put some salt and preferably Jaljeera. Your lemonade is ready.

Buttermilk is one of the most nutritious drinks for human health. It is most important during pregnancy even. This drink is full of calcium. It is better to make this at home rather than buying it from the market. Hence, you need to have fresh yoghurt which has probiotic bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive system. During pregnancy gastric problem is something very common, homemade buttermilk helps you to get rid of this problem easily. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Pineapple Juice)

What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy

Fresh fruit juice:
Fresh fruit juices are something unbeatable. They keep you hydrated and energetic thoroughly. Most fruit juices contain vitamin C, potassium, immune-boosting antioxidants, and essential micronutrients. You can get so many nutrients together by drinking a glass of fruit juice. To stay away from preservatives it is best to make fruit juices at home. You can choose orange, sweet lime, mango, pomegranate, mixed fruits etc.

Coconut water:
Coconut water is something extremely beneficial for every human being. It is a natural isotonic drink. It is rich with electrolytes, potassium, chloride, and magnesium. Moreover, It is an excellent drink which carries calcium, dietary fibre, manganese, riboflavin, and vitamin C. It even helps in lowering the blood pressure. (Also Read: What are the healthy drinks to get your morning started)

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