What are the benefits of drinking water from the clay pot or matka

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What are the benefits of drinking water from the clay pot

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Our eath is full of vitamins and vitamins. The utensils made of earthen clay also have many benefits. The clay has been a part of traditional utensils from an ancient time. People used to store water in earthen pots or clay post during the summer season. However, as time went by, new technology changed everything. Today everyone stores water in the refrigerator to keep it ice cold. This is actually harmful to your health. Thus, it is important to know that clay pots or earthen pots are not only a better option for storing the water. It has amazing health benefits as well.

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It cools the water naturally
The clay pots help to cool the water naturally. The earthen pots or clay pots work on the principle of vaporization. In the clay pots, the heat in the water gets removed from the water and turns into gas. This gas further moves away. The clay pot has small pores that help to make this process happen. It is not an artificial way like refrigeration.

Helps to improve the digestion and boosts the metabolism
The water in a plastic bottle contains the Bisphenol A chemical. However, the water stored in the clay pot is completely chemical free thus it helps to boost the metabolism naturally. The natural minerals present in the water helps to improve the digestion.

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Prevents the sunstroke
The cases of sunstroke are very common during the summers. For this, the clay pot water is amazing as it has natural minerals and is free from any chemical.

It is of alkaline nature
The clay is of alkaline nature, that helps to keep to regulate the pH level of the body. The nature of human body is acidic, thus the alkaline nature of the clay helps with the pH level.

Good for the throat
People who have the problem of cold, cough and asthma should avoid icy cold water. As it can harm the throat. So, it is better to have clay pot water.

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