What are the amazing uses of rubbing alcohol

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What are the amazing uses of rubbing alcohol

Commonly known as isopropyl alcohol is widely used in the medicines and also used to treat various skin infections at home. It is antiseptic and antioxidant in nature. Besides this, it is also a cleaning agent and a disinfectant. Rubbing alcohol consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol or commonly known as ethanol and 30% distilled water. However, the percentage of ethanol varies depending upon the quality of the product. Nowadays it is widely used in household for various cleaning purposes. There are many uses of rubbing alcohol which makes rubbing alcohol, a unique product. (Also read: How Fingernails Tell About Your Bad Health)

There are various uses of rubbing alcohol listed below:

Helps to provide relief in minor cuts: When you have a minor cut on your skin, then you must try to apply rubbing alcohol on your skin. It is antiseptic in nature and thus prevents the spread of infection in the body. Rubbing alcohol helps to kill the bacteria and fungal infection that might occur on the skin. It even helps to stop the bleeding and prevents blood flow.

Helps to prevent acne and pimple on face: Rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective ingredient to prevent the onset of acne and pimples on the face. It is very cool and soothing, thus provides relief in the inflammation caused by acne. It even helps to unblock the clogged pores. (Also read: Contact lens mistakes that can harm your eyes)

Treats the nail fungus: Being antiseptic in nature, rubbing alcohol helps to treat the fungal infection in toes. So, mix the rubbing alcohol with white vinegar and wrap a bandage around your toe nail and leave it for an hour. You will see the difference. It even restricts the growth of fungus further in the particular place.

Helps to kill head lice and ticks: Head lice cause a lot of embarrassment. It leads to a lot of irritation and itching in the head. Besides this, it even spreads from one head to another, thus it is utmost important to get rid of them as soon as impossible. Rubbing alcohol can easily treat this. As rubbing alcohol is disinfected in nature, it helps to kill lice effectively and also prevents scalp infection in future.

Provides relief in muscle pain: Rubbing alcohol provides ultimate relief in joint pains and also reduces the swelling in the muscles. Besides this, rubbing alcohol also helps to increase the blood flow. (Also read: Why you should not put toilet paper on public toilet seat)

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