What are the amazing health benefits of eating jaggery everyday

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What are the amazing health benefits of eating jaggery everyday

Often our grandparents and parents advise us to have some jaggery after finishing the meal. The jaggery is formed out of the sugarcane juice. It is prepared in a very rustic and authentic manner. The jaggery is the storehouse mineral and vitamins. The jaggery is a good source of iron and Vitamin C. Other than that it contains phosphorus, magnesium, potassium etc. The jaggery is used in various home remedies to treat health issues. It is an ideal dessert as it is not just delicious but also healthy. Therefore, let’s find out the benefits of jaggery! (Also read: Why you should always cook at home instead of eating out)

Boosts the immunity
The jaggery contains minerals like zinc and Selenium. It also has antioxidant properties that are not found in your regular sugar. The jaggery boosts your immunity naturally and helps to fight infection, disease and other problems. So, it is really amazing in treating common cold and cough.

Helps to soothe the pain in your joints and muscles
The jaggery helps to decrease the stiffness in the joints and muscles. Having a little jaggery every day even soothes your bones in case of arthritis. The arthritis is a condition that leads to swelling of your joints which can be very painful. Also, the antioxidants in jaggery help to prevent it. (Also read: Which personal items you should never share with anyone)

Helps to lose weight
The jaggery contains an extra amount of calories. However, if you take it in an appropriate amount then it has a lot of benefits. It contains potassium which helps to boost the metabolism. A good metabolism is important to lose weight.

Improve the digestive tract
People these days are really addicted to fast food and sweet dishes. However, these things are hard to digest. For better digestion, you must consume jaggery. It helps in the production of enzymes that eases the process of digestion. Moreover, is also a good source of fibre.

Good for skin
Your skin goes through a lot every day. Constant exposure to sun, dirt and pollution etc. makes the skin dull and lifeless. The jaggery is a rich source of vitamins and mineral that keep your skin glowing naturally.  (Also read: Why you should always chew your food properly)

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