What are the alerting signs that your appendix might burst

What are the alerting signs that your appendix might burst

The appendix is an organ that is vestigial in nature. That means that at one point in human evolution it might have some use, but appendix has no real task. It attached to the large intestine. However, in many cases, the appendix inflammation leads to the condition of Appendicitis. If the inflammation is left untreated, then your appendix can possibly burst, leading to the spill of toxic material. This can be really fatal for you. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to know the signs that your appendix can possibly burst. Let’s find out what they are. (Also read: What are the most amazing and interesting facts about proteins)

Abdominal and stomach pain
This is possibly the most common sign. The pain is located in the region of belly-button and lower abdomen. Often the pain is really harsh. So, if this happens, get the help at the earliest as it might be the case of the appendix.

Lack of appetite and nausea
It is one of the possible signs of appendicitis. There is no hard and fast rule that every individual suffering from inflammation of appendix with have nausea and lack of appetite. Sometimes, it due to a stomach infection. However, if you have these signs, it is better to get it checked.  (Also read: What are the signs of the milk allergy and its treatment)

Bladder irritation
Sometimes, the location of the appendix is lower to the pelvic region, as a result, it irritates your bladder. So, there is an urge to pee a lot and it is painful when you do that. This is also a sign of possible UTI (urinary tract infection). So it is a possible sign, but it is better to get it checked.

Quivering and fever
Many times the fever is your body’s way of telling that there is an inflammation somewhere in your body. So, when you have appendix issues, then your body responds in the same way. Therefore if you’re running a fever accompanied by pain, you might have a case of the appendix.

The condition of gas and bloating is often linked to the upset stomach but in some cases it a sign of appendix troubles. Therefore when the gas and bloating is accompanied by pain in bowel movement, it can be due to appendicitis.  (Also read: What are the things you should never order in a restaurant)

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