What are the advantages of soaking your feet in mint and lemon water

advantages soaking feet water mint lemon

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For many years people soak their feet in water to remove fatigue. But there are many other health benefits as well.  And if you add lemon and peppermint in the water it will be more beneficial. It helps in keeping the nerves cool. Also, many problems like inadequate sleep can also be overcome with it. Keep the feet soaked in water, it will remove all the dirt and the harmful toxins from the feet. The best advantage of doing this is that you can do it at home only. Yes, you can clean the feet with lemon and mint at home. (Also read: Why It Is Important To Sleep With Your Socks On)

Let us talk about the benefits you get from it:

How to make it:

Materials Required: Plastic tub, 1 cup rock salt, 1 cup salt, 1 spoon baking soda, 1 spoon cornstarch, 1 spoon olive oil, 3 spoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoon mint tea and 4 tablespoon mint Juice.

Method of making: Mix all these things in a plastic tub and mix them well and sit and soak the feet in it. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. After this, clean the feet with the help of a brush. After that wash the feet with clean water and dry it with the help of a towel.


Relaxes the nerves

There are more nerves in the legs compared to the other parts of the body. Keeping the feet soaked in mint and lemon water, the veins get relief. At the same time, they improve the work of electrolyte by regulating the level of electrolyte. (Also read: How to protect your eyes while you are swimming to ensure eye safety)

Sleep improves

Sleep is very important to keep the body healthy. On completion of sleep, the physical and mental health of the person improves. Prior to sleeping, putting the feet in the mint and lemons before sleep gives the body relief, which improves sleep.

Reduce stress

Due to stress, people may also suffer from depression, sleep-related problems and cardiovascular disease. Magnesium in the mixture of mint and lemon water helps to reduce stress and depression.

Improves morning energy

Soaking the feet in a mixture of mint and lemon improves blood circulation, which boosts the nervous system. At night, when you soak your feet in this mixture, then there is a lot of change happens in your body and you feel more energetic in the morning. (Also read: Why Should You Never Sleep Immediately After A Meal)

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