Weird signs that tell you need to drink more water

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weird signs tell need drink water

The human body has about 60 percent water and it is necessary for a person to drink adequate water to survive. Our body loses water through sweat, breathe and urine that’s why you should drink water regularly to replenish the water loss. If you do not drink adequate water then you will face a shortage of water in the body and which can cause the problem of dehydration. To avoid that, whenever you feel thirsty you should drink a glass of water at that time. If there are some strange signs when there is lack of water in the body then you should drink water during this period immediately. (Also read: What are the food items that can destroy your mood)

Let’s about weird signs that point you need to drink water drinking water.

Cannot urinate

If you notice that you have not gone to urinate even once in the day, then you need to drink a bottle of water. Decreased urination is the sign of dehydration and if the colour of the urine starts to appear dark yellow, then it indicates that you are not drinking adequate water.

Do not tear up

When you cry and you do not produce tears, it indicates that you should drink a glass of water. If your eyes do not produce tears, then you may be thirsty. (Also read: Foods to reduce excess acid present in the stomach)

Dry skin

Many people use moisturizers to soften their skin. The result may be wrinkles on your skin. Rather than spending money on moisturizer increase the quantity of drinking water. Moreover, drinking water in the right amount helps in protecting the skin from being dry.


Sometimes you feel that you should eat something but do not understand that it is a desire to eat or drink. If you are hungry then your body needs water as well.

Dryness in mouth

If your breath smells it happens due to dryness in the mouth. If you don’t drink an adequate amount of water then the saliva is not formed in your mouth.  It is better to consume mint to remove the stench of breath and also a glass of water. (Also read: What are the things you must never lie to your doctor about)

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