Wearing tight socks can be harmful to you

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wearing tight socks can harmful

Choosing right pair of footwear and socks is very important for your feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause many problems to your feet. Similarly, the socks have a great impact on your feet. If you wear tight socks then it may lead to swelling of your feet. Moreover, it also disturbs proper blood circulation in your legs and feet. Wearing loose socks is also not a solution as it does not look good. However, wearing tight socks is quite unhealthy for the body. (Also read: How Can You Stop Bad Breathing When You Do Not Have A Toothbrush)

Let’s know the side of effects wearing tight socks.

Wearing tight socks can disturb the blood circulation in the legs. Due to which swelling occurs in the legs. This is the reason that one should avoid wearing too tight socks.

Varicose Veins
The varicose veins are a condition when enlarged veins appear on legs and feet. Wearing the tight socks can worsen this condition and make them weak. Eventually, you may face pain, fatigue, restlessness and irritation in the legs. Those who have the problem of varicose veins should avoid wearing tight socks. (Also read: What Are The Various Pee Problems That Tell You May Have Kidney Stones)

Wearing tight socks for a long time can cause numbness in feet and legs. The tight socks disturb the blood circulation in the legs and feet which cause numbness.

Athlete’s Foot ( Fungal infection)
Athlete’s Foot is a type of fungal infection, which occurs between the toes. Wearing tight socks leads to sweating in the feet. It also causes moisture in the feet which is one of the major reasons for fungal infections. Wearing tight socks can increase the risk of fungal infection.

If you wear tight socks it causes rashes. The rashes make skin red and triggers irritation as well.

What to wear?
Avoid socks which are made up of synthetic material and only use cotton made socks. If the socks are too tight then they lead to a lot of problems. If you notice marks on the skin after wearing socks then stretch the socks to loosen their elasticity. (Also read: What are the bad habits that harm your back and cause pain)

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