Weak eyes: What are the most common signs of weak eyesight

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what are the clear signs of poor eye sight

Weak eyes: Excess watering from the eyes along with pain is a clear sign of weak eyesight.

Weak eyes: Having weak eyesight is one of the most common concerns of the people. Too much strain on the eyes, lead to spoiled or blurred vision. It makes the eyes weak and you face trouble in reading and writing. Many times, people do not read the signs of weak eyesight carefully and often ignore it. As a result, they end up deteriorating the vision of the eyes even more. Thus, one must undergo a complete eye checkup to know the power of the lenses. If you have weak eyesight, you must wear either spectacle or should wear contact lenses. Even if you have a clear vision, you must visit your healthcare provider for monthly checkups to ensure no problem at all. (Also read: How to improve your eyesight in natural ways)

Weak eyes: What are the signs of poor vision or weak eyesight?

Signs of weak eyesight
Weak eyes: If you have a blurred vision, it is a clear sign that you have weak eyes.

There are some clear signs which suggest that the vision of the eyes is in a poor state. You must not ignore it and should wear spectacles or lenses whichever suit you the best. There are many causes of poor vision of eyes. Sometimes, it is because of the hereditary factor, deficiency of the certain vitamin, too much strain on the eyes, studying or reading in dark etc. Listed below are some of the clear signs that you are having a weak eyesight. (Also read: What Are The Healthy Drinks You Can Have For Better Eye Sight)

  • Difficulty in reading the close-up things. Blurred vision while reading a book. It is usually known as hyperopia.
  • Unable to read or see that things at a distance. This condition is called myopia.
  • Unable to read or see both close-up and far-off things.
  • Blurred vision at night.
  • Pain in the eyes
  • A frequent headache (Also read: What Are The Easy Eye Exercises To improve Eyesight)
  • Seeing rainbows or halos while there is too much light.
  • Double vision.
  • Swollen eyes or red eyes.
  • Frequent watering of eyes.
  • Difficulty in adjusting or seeing while travelling from the dark area to the light area.

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These are some of the most common signs of weak or poor eye vision. You must visit the doctor immediately to get the checkup done. Wear your glasses daily and do some eye exercises to correct the eye vision. Besides this, you must take a healthy diet and nutritional food to have strong eye vision. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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