Weak Bones: What are the signs of weak bones

Sings which reveals bones are weak

Weak Bones: Weak bones are harmful to you

Bones should be healthy because they play an important role in every movement of the body. Not only in the movement, but the healthy bones also help in daily activities such as walking, sitting or picking up some luggage. Being busy, people are unable to pay attention to themselves and this affects their bones For healthy and strong bones you need a healthy diet and a perfect routine. Try to eat healthy and nutritious foods instead of eating junk foods or oily foods because of these foods. There are many other reasons for the weak bones and body also signals. You must know about these sings, so you can take precautionary measures. (Also read: What are the factors that are making your bones weak)

Weak bones: Which are the signs that reveal your bones weak

  • Nail breaks
  • Not exercising
  • Pain in bones or muscles
  • Lose grip
  • Receding Gums
  1. Nail breaks

    Weak Bones: It causes nail breakage.

    Breakage of nails are a common thing, but if your nails start breaking down quickly, then you need to be alert. Due to the lack of collagen and calcium in the body, nails begin to break. Collagen provides proteins to the body and due to calcium deficiency, the bones begin to weaken. In this regard, you can eat berry, soya or green vegetables. (Also read: Strong Nails: Kitchen materials to get strong nails)

  2. Not exercising
    Bones can become weak due to lack of physical activity. If you workout regularly or jogging, you will not only be fit but also keep your bones healthy and strong.
  3. Pain in bones or muscles
    With increasing age, bone and muscle problems start to grow. But if your bones often have pain, then it is a serious matter. Due to the lack of vitamin D in the body, it always feels pain and this increases the chance of weak bones. (Also read: Muscles health: Things your muscles are trying to tell about your health)
  4. Lose grip
    The best way to know the bone mineral density in the body is the grip. Feeling lose grip is a sign of bone weakness. Because of this, people have problems holding any stuff.
  5. Receding Gums
    Due to the receding gums, the jaw becomes weak and the bone mass is also reduced. Gums helps to strengthen the teeth.

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Weak bones may affect your daily routine. In this way, you should be well aware of signs of bone weakness.

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