Ways to reheat food and retain freshness

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ways reheat food retain freshness

Everyone likes to consume fresh food as it contains proper vitamins and nutrients. But sometimes you have to store leftover food for later. The leftover food can be kept for some time in the refrigerator. It should be consumed within in a stipulated time. When you store food, it triggers spores of bacteria that cause food poisoning. In this regard, you have to reheat food. However, all food items cannot be reheated and reheating of food depends upon the type of food. There are ways you can maintain the freshness of the food when you reheat. (Also read: What are the healthy eating habits that can help teenagers to achieve goals in life)

Let’s know the type food which can be reheated and freshness retained.

Sauteed, stir-fried and soups/stews
ways reheat food retain freshness
Once the sauteed, stir-fried and soups food items cool down they lose their texture and the taste also destroyed. If you want to retain the freshness of this food item then use dash oil and reheat on low-to-medium heat. Heat for few only and to avoid overheating. Moreover, stir frequently while reheating these food items.

Steamed food items like rice, pasta and noodles
ways reheat food retain freshness
The steamed food items like rice, pasta and noodles also lose their texture once they cool down. To retain freshness and texture of these food items, sprinkle water on food after you evenly spread it out before sticking it in the microwave. This will create enough steam to prevent the food from drying. (Also read: Some Amazing Healthy Tricks Which Can Make Your Life Healthier)

Baked or roasted

The microwave is not the best option to reheat the leftover pizza and other baked or roasted food items as it leaves bale food soggy from the moisture. To reheat these food items, oven or toaster is one of the best options. Place them on the baking sheet and put them in a preheated broiler for 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Fried or breaded foods

The stove top is a better option to reheat fried foods. To retain the freshness of the food, use oil and preheat the pan. Spread the fried food in the pan. It is also important to flip the sides of the food. And don’t heat one side more than 3-4 minutes.

Chicken or other meats

The oven is the best option to reheat the roasted chicken and other meats. If you want to attain freshness of food then reheat it to lower temperature as well as add butter to keep your meat moistened. (Also read: How to use lunch breaks for good things)

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