What Are The Ways To Quit Smoking Immediately

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What Are The Ways To Quit Smoking Immediately

Smoking puts the overall health at stake. It ruins the functioning of the body by affecting the human heart at first. Thus, if you are a chain smoker or you have developed the habit of smoking, the next step to put forward is to quit it.

Therefore, below mentioned are some pointers which can definitely help you in quitting smoking immediately!

Effects Of Smoking And Ways To Quit It

Schedule a date from when you want to stop smoking and adhere to it. It may be a bit difficult but nothing costs more than your good health.

  1. Pick a paper and note down why you want to quit smoking. It can be any circumstances or if you are afraid to get catch any disease
  2. Note down at what scenarios you feel like smoking it can be the time of stress, or when you are angry or any other. On the other side write down the activities you enjoy more and when you have stopped smoking, follow these activities
  3. While you are going through smoke-fasting days, you can opt for nicotine gums as they may be helpful to eliminate your crave for cigarettes but remember! You should not smoke
  4. Join a campaign which supports quitting of smoke to boost yourself
  5. While at work, instead of a cigarette break, go for playing some games
  6. Stay away from the group of people who smoke. Also, do not carry any lighter or cigarette even if your friend asks you to carry
  7. Whenever you get a crave to smoke chew or eat something light by this you can drift away your mind from smoking
  8. Resist yourself from taking up alcohol or caffeine presence drinks as they may trigger the urge for cigarettes in you
  9. Proclaim about your quit-smoking goals to your friends and near ones who are aware that you smoke. By this, you will yourself stop smoking by feeling guilty if you smoke again.

Once you will quit smoking, you will feel relaxed and light. The ‘good feeling’ will itself not let you smoke but for this, you have to be patient. Quit smoking and stay healthy!

Cigarette contains nicotine (a nitrogen containing chemical-an alkaloid made by tobacco and various other plants) which is the main cause of health problems. When smoked the presence of nicotine in cigarettes raises the blood pressure and heart rate. It narrows the arteries by building up of atheroma (a fatty material). Also, hardens their walls making the blood to clot. It puts pressure on the heart leading to various heart problems including Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), stroke and chronic heart attack. Further, the presence of carbon monoxide in the tobacco reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood giving heart more exertion to pump and supply oxygen to the body as per its need.

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