What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning

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What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning

Food poisoning is one of the most common problems among people these days. The foodborne diseases are usually the result of contaminated or rotten food the fungus and bacteria feed on the food making it unfit for consumption. Besides this, the exposure of food to virus, bacteria, parasites etc, could also be the possible reason for food poisoning. One should make sure to always consume fresh food. Besides this, always wash your hands before you eat anything to restrict the transfer of germs and bacteria into your body. The transfer of Salmonella bacteria in the body often results in food poisoning and cause stomachache, loose motion, fever, vomiting etc. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of onion peels)

What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning?

Cook the fruits and vegetables properly: One must cook the food properly. Raw vegetables, fruits, meat etc. should be cleaned and cooked properly. A thorough cooking kills the bacteria from the food and makes it fit for digestion.

Wash your hands: Most of the germs and bacteria transfer from our hands to our body while we eat or cook without washing hands. Make sure you always wash your hands after using a washroom, coming from outside, while preparing food. It will reduce the risk of food poisoning. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of eating dalia with milk)

Always cover your food: Make sure you never leave the food uncovered. It will turn into a breeding place for all germs and bacteria. Always cover your food while cooking and even after that. Besides this, store it in a clean and dry place.

Never consume expired food product: Always check the date of the packaged food product. Never consume an expired food product. Make sure you buy fresh bread, meat, fruits and vegetables to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Also, try to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are fresh and without any exposure to the pesticides and insecticides.

Clean your dishes and dishcloth properly: If you use the same dish for cooking food, again and again, it will definitely become contaminated. Always wash your dishes and cookware while you start cooking. Also, you must wash your dish clothes at regular interval to reduce the risk of bacteria and fungus in them. (Also read: What is the importance of iron for the human body)

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