Washing body parts: Different body parts you are not washing in the right way

which body parts are we not washing in the right way

Different body parts: One must wash the hands and feet properly.

Washing body parts: Cleanliness of the body is the basic step to stay fit and healthy. One must wash the body and different body parts properly to ensure personal hygiene. We all have been washing various body parts but that does not suffice the proper hygiene. Most of us often commit the mistake of not cleansing our body in the right way. It leads to exposure of bacteria and virus in the body. Our hands, feet, mouth etc. are a storehouse of bacteria and virus. We all must try to clean our body in the right way to ensure proper hygiene. Lets’ discuss which body parts we have been washing wrongly and how to wash them properly. (Also read: Some essential tips to wash hands properly)

Washing body parts: How to wash different body parts properly to ensure proper hygiene?

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Face
  • Teeth
  • Belly button

We all know the importance of washing hands. One must wash their hands before and after having meals, before cooking, after using the washroom, right after coming back home etc. But people fail to understand this. They often skip washing their hands properly. This leads to various diseases and infections in the body. We all must wash our hands properly for 20 seconds every time to ensure proper hygiene.


How to wash different body parts properly
Wash body parts: One must exfoliate the feet to ensure proper cleanliness.

Our feet need utmost care. They get exposed to dirt and dust the most. Just washing them every day is not enough. One must scrub the feet, clean nails, toes etc. thoroughly. It prevents the onset of fungal infection. One must clean the footwear too on daily basis to protect the feet from infection.

Too much makeup and beauty products on the face, tend to damage your skin. Exfoliate, scrub and tone your skin but do not do it in excess. Do not use soap on your face, always use a gentle face wash according to your skin type. Also, do not use alcohol rich face wipes. They harm your skin in an extreme manner.

Just brushing is not enough to maintain the health of the teeth. One must floss the teeth and clean the tongue to get rid of bacterial interference in the mouth. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and go dental floss as well. Always make sure you use the brush in a circular motion instead of to and fro. Also, stop hard brushing your teeth, it damages the enamel of your teeth.

Belly button
Our belly button is contaminated. Due to a small hole, it does not get cleaned up while bathing. One must clean the belly button using baby oil and clean cloth daily. It prevents the spread of bacterial infection in the body.

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These are some of the body parts which one must clean and wash properly. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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