What Are The Warning Signs Of Oral Health You Should Never Ignore

What Are The Warning Signs Of Oral Health You Should Never Ignore

We all are conscious of our overall health. we know when to go for the check up of heart, stomach and kidney. But does anybody cares about going for a checkup of our oral health until and unless the teeth pain appears? By doing this, we are ignoring the oral health which contains teeth, gum, tongue and jaw. These three important parts are responsible for a beautiful smile and eating habits. So, why not being a little more conscious about your oral health too? Hence, we have come up with some signs which can tell you that your oral health is in danger. Have a look. (Also Read: Major Signs Your Liver Is Getting Damaged)

Mouth and jaw pain:
When we get mouth and jaw pain, we usually think that it is happening because of cold and mucus deposition. But you may not know that mouth and jaw pain happens when the stress is going high in our mind. If the stress is increasing your mental health gets disturbed badly. Moreover, this can happen because of a heart attack too. It can be a warning sign. So, do not ignore this sign.

Bleeding or sore gums:
Bleeding gum is not at all normal until you have poked it with the bristles of the brush. It can cause a severe mouth infection without your awareness. Maybe your gum disease has become worse. Other than that, you may not know that gum bleeding happens when you are suffering from diabetes, which reduces the ability to resist any infection. So, without ignoring it, you must visit your dentist. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Suggests Lungs Failure)

Unstable Teeth or lost teeth:
If your teeth are being unstable and you are losing them one by one, do not ignore this. Hopefully, it is happening because you have reached the advanced gum infection stage through which you are losing all your teeth. You may not know that tooth loss can happen at the early stage of osteoporosis. This disease makes the density of your bones and teeth very poor. Moreover, there are chances that your diet does not contain a good amount of calcium and your teeth are getting affected by this.

Toxic breath:
Bad breath is a very common thing that most of us suffer from. But, when the bad breath becomes toxic and it stays for all day night long in spite of using various mouth fresheners, it is not normal. You have to make sure your mouth has no infection inside it. It may indicate that your gum is suffering from an infection, which is causing bad breath. Moreover, there can be some other health issues that cause bad breath. These are liver or kidney disease, sinus infections, lung infection, Gastrointestinal problems etc. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly)

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