Vitamin K deficiency: Signs that suggests that you are not getting enough vitamin K

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Signs and symptoms of vitamin k deficiency

Signs that you are not getting enough of Vitamin K

Vitamins are very important to keep the body healthy. When you are consuming the vitamins, all parts of the body remain completely healthy and your body works wells. Vitamin K is very important for the human body. Due to its deficiency, many other types of problems arise. The main purpose of the vitamin is its role in clotting the blood. It is important for protecting the overall health of the body. So, you must be very careful if you come across the signs of vitamin K deficiency. You can overcome this deficiency by eating the food rich in vitamin K. So, first let’s find out about vitamin K deficiency. (Also read What Are The Superfoods That Provide You Vitamin K)

Vitamin K deficiency signs

  • Excessive blood loss
  • Heavy period flow
  • Weak bones
  • Blue coloured bruises
  • Dark stools

Excessive blood loss
The main function of Vitamin K in the body is to make the blood clots to prevent the excessive bleeding when there is an injury. If you sustain too much bleeding even in case of minor injuries, then this indicates that there is a lack of vitamin K in your body. (Also read: Vitamin B12: Signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency)

Heavy period flow

Vitamin K deficiency: Heavy periods are a sign of deficiency K

There is often 30 to 40 ml of bleeding during periods. If you face too much bleeding, then it is not a good sign. Also if every time you go through periods and there is a lot of bleeding during periods, then this may also be a sign of vitamin K deficiency. (Also read: Vitamin E Deficiency: The Common Signs Of Vitamin E Deficiency)

Weak bones
Vitamin K works to provide enough calcium in the bones. Therefore, due to vitamin K deficiency, the bones become weak, which increases the risk of their breaking. Vascular weakness is also the sign of vitamin K deficiency. (Also read: Some Foods Which Can Beat The Multivitamin Capsules)

Blue coloured bruises
If you face swelling or blue bruise on the skin, even in case of a slight scratch, it is also an indication of vitamin K deficiency. Due to the lack of vitamin K, the skin grows rapidly which leads to swelling. (Also read: What are the essential vitamins for glowing skin)

Dark stools

Signs of vitamin K deficiency
Dark stools ate a sigs of vitamin K deficiency

Due to Vitamin K deficiency, the colour of the potty or stools becomes dark almost black and it may also be accompanied by bleeding. Also, blood clots appear under the nails, which are signs of Vitamin K deficiency.

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So, keep an eye open for the possible signs that your body is lacking Vitamin K. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.


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