Vitamin C deficiency: Health issues which occur due to the deficiency of vitamin C

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Signs of deficiency of vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C in the body leads to a lot of health issues.

Vitamin C deficiency: In order to keep the body healthy and fit, it is necessary to have an adequate amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to keep the skin glowing and also makes the bones strong. Not just this, we need vitamin C for the repairment of our body tissues. It helps to boost the immune system and is rich in antioxidants which keep the body healthy. Taking sufficient amount of vitamin C helps to boost the hair health and also add shine to the skin. However, deficiency of vitamin C not only makes you feel out of energy but also leads to various health issues. Let’s discuss how does vitamin C deficiency lead to various health problems. (Also read: Are vitamins necessary for treating depression)

Vitamin C deficiency leads to various health issues which affect the overall health of the body

  • Dental issues
  • Deficiency of iron
  • Skin related problems
  • Scurvy
  • Weak immune system

Dental issues

Deficiency of vitamin C leads to a toothache.

The deficiency of vitamin C increases the risk of infection in teeth. It weakens the enamel of the teeth. This is the reason why some people complain about swelling in the gums, foul breath and bleeding gums. (Also read: Reasons For Toothache: Things Which Increase Pain In Your Teeth)

Deficiency of iron
The proportion of iron in the body includes vitamin C in a major amount. Deficiency of vitamin C leads to the deficiency of iron in the body which leads to fatigue, weakness, chipping of nails, headache etc. (Also read: Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency And Best Foods To Overcome Them)

Skin related problems

Deficiency of vitamin C in the body leads to the problem like dry patches on skin, dark complexion etc.

Vitamin C helps to build new blood cells and make the skin glowing. The deficiency of vitamin C leads to dark spots on the face, dry skin and many other skin-related problems.

SCurvy occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin C. It leads to joint pain, sadness, patchy skin and feeling fatigue throughout the day.

Weak immune system
Vitamin C is one powerful antioxidant which helps to boost the immunity of the body. Deficiency of vitamin c leads to the weakness of the immune system. As a result, you encounter cold, cough etc. often.

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These are some of the health issues which occur due to the deficiency of vitamin C in the body. Thus, try to include vitamin C rich food products in your diet. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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