Vitamin B12: Signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency

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Signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency

Major signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is required for the human body to build DNA, make healthy blood cells and nerves work properly. Due to ageing, the vitamin B12 absorption through foods is slowed, which can lead to a deficiency of this vitamin. Lack of this vitamin can lead to problems like excessive fatigue and low eyesight. If you are seeing such symptoms, contact your doctor immediately and take a blood test to get to the bottom of this condition. Let us know what kinds of signs are visible during Vitamin B12 so that you can take steps to turn this problem around. (Also read: Vitamin B12: Foods that are rich in vitamin B12)

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 Signs

  • Redness of the tongue
  • Sadness or bad mood
  • Vision problems
  • Skin turning yellow

Redness of the tongue
Due to the lack of vitamin B12, bumps of papillae are found on the tongue. Due to this, your tongue starts burning and pain especially the tip of the tongue. As a result, your tongue looks red. Plus, your sense of taste also decreases. (Also read: Zinc Deficiency: Signs that you are facing a zinc deficiency)

Sadness or bad mood

Vitamin B12 deficiency signs
Sadness is a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency

Have you been more worried and sad these days? If so, do not ignore this signal. Due to the lack of vitamin B12, brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin etc. are affected, which can cause mood changes, anxiety and depression etc. Because of this, you are unhappy about every small matter or you start crying about of nowhere. (Also read: Vitamin E Deficiency: The Common Signs Of Vitamin E Deficiency)

Vision problems 

Vitamin B12 deficiency signs
Vision problem is a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency

In severe cases of vitamin B12 deficiency, the optic nerve of the eye can suffer damage or due to this, the blood vessel may increase in the retina. Due to all this, the sight may turn blurry or you have the problems like double vision, light sensitivity, or loss of vision. (Also read: Deficiency of Calcium: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Calcium Deficiency)

Skin turning yellow
Your skin colour tells a lot about your health. So, if your skin is turning yellow it is due to a lack of vitamin B12. With the reduction in consumption of Vitamin B12, red blood cells become fragile and easily break down, due to which the bilirubin pigment is released and this is why the skin looks yellow.

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