What are the various side effects of using an antibacterial soap on the skin

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What are the various side effects of using an anti bacterial soap on skin

People are becoming well aware of the growing infections and diseases these days. Thus, to minimise the risks of such infections, people use anti-bacterial soap and cleansing agent. We hear a lot about using anti-bacterial soaps in order to stay away from bacterial infection. Thus, many of us use anti-bacterial handwash. However, there are some people who even use anti-bacterial soap. You will be shocked to know that anti-bacterial soaps are quite harmful to the body. More than any good, they lay a lot of side effects on the body. Thus, let’s discuss in detail how the use of anti-bacterial soaps is harmful to the body. (Also read: Why and how often one should change a shaving razor)

What are the various side effects of using an antibacterial soap on the skin?
Antibacterial soap serves the purpose of fighting against bacterial infection in the body. We all carry a lot of infection in our hands and our body throughout the day. While we wash our hands, we keep these bacteria at bay. But the truth is, we are harming our body in the worst manner. Let’s discuss how:

Makes the skin dry: Antibacterial soap makes the skin rough and dry. These soaps contain triclosan that snatches away the natural oil from the skin. It can lead to itching, redness and inflammation of the skin.

Increases the risk of allergy:
The pollutants present in the atmosphere impact our immune system. Usage of antibacterial soap makes the situation worse. They contain triclosan which when comes into contact with bacteria, leads to mutations. This creates hindrance in fighting the bacterial infection. (Also read: Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread)

Can give birth to bacteria: Triclosan which is present in the anti-bacterial soap comes in contain with bacteria. This eventually gives birth to small bacteria which multiplies. Even the bacteria become used to of the same and nullify their impact.

Not of much use as a normal soap: Anti-bacterial soap is not as much of use, according to a study. Many infections and disease that occur in the body are due to a virus. Thus, using an anti-bacterial soap is not of much use.

May be responsible for hormonal changes: A research study was done on animals, according to which the triclosan can increase the testosterone-producing the genes in the body. Thus, they cause a lot of hormonal changes in the body. (Also read: Is drinking tea after the meal is good or bad)

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