What are the various pooping habits one must know about

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What are the various pooping habits one must know about

Every part of your body is responsible for your health. If we ignore any part of the body it often impacts the overall health. Besides this, every habit of your daily routine hampers your health as well, no matter if it is good or bad. The way you poop also indicates some of the health conditions as well. Usually, people do not feel comfortable while talking about the pooping habits. However, one must know about various toilet habits and pooping style as it may be the reason for your unhealthy condition. Thus, do not ignore these habits. Let’s discuss some of the regular pooping habits. (Also read: What are the various food items that help to have better poop)

What are the various pooping habits one must know about?

Going only once for pooping is not mandatory: Usually, it is seen that people go only once or twice to poop. However, it is not mandatory that a person can only once. If you are not feeling any pain or discomfort in your stomach, then it is okay if you poop more than twice in a day.

Having a regular poop cycle is a good thing: If you have a scheduled routine for pooping every day then this is a good practice. It indicates that your digestion system is working properly. According to the experts, most of the people poop in the morning only. However, do not worry if you don’t have a fixed time for it. You can go at any time of the day. (Also read: Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about)

Pooping right after meals is not a serious issue: It is normal to poop right after having your meals. There is nothing to worry about this. You do not excrete out the food you just had. Thus, your stomach has ample of time to digest that food and convert it into energy.

Periods may increase the frequency of pooping: Cramps and bloating are some of the common problems during periods. During this time the uterus contracts and this might lead to the problem of excess bowel movements. Besides this, there are so many hormonal changes in the body. Thus, you might have to poop a little more during periods.

Everyone takes different time to poop: If you take a lot of time while pooping then there is no problem. Every person takes different time to poop. Some take only 5 minutes while others might take 20 minutes. This depends on the colon movement. The time it takes to get cleared up is the time you require to poop. (Also read: How can you make your blood thin naturally)

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