What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children

What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children

We all try to ensure healthy growth and development of the child by involving them in various activities. Being parents, we often ignore the need for the child to eat healthy. A healthy diet not only ensures the proper growth of the baby but also helps the child in having a steady development of the brain. During the growth years of the baby, what’s most required is the need to eat right. A well-nourished diet with all the essential nutrients and vitamins is essential for the growth of child’s brain. It helps them to grow physically and makes them mentally strong as well. Thus, here is the list of items that children should eat to ensure the development of the brain. (Also read: What are the signs that indicate one should stop consuming alcohol)

What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children?

Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein and have sufficient amount of vitamin A, B12, D and E in an adequate amount. The presence of choline in the egg yolk helps in the proper brain development of the child. It even helps in boosting the memory of the child and ensures the good functioning of the brain.

Nuts: We all know the magic of nuts. Loaded with all the essential nutrients, nuts actually help in the overall development of the child. Walnuts, almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, pistachios etc. contains antioxidants that help to protect the nerve of the brain. These nuts also contain omega 3 fatty acid and a good concentration of DHA that helps in the development of the brain in a healthy manner. (Also read: What are the foods one must eat to keep the lungs healthy)

Green leafy vegetables:
What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children
Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage etc. contain a good amount of nutrients. Enriched with proper vitamins and minerals, these green leafy vegetables are essential during the growth years of the baby. Besides this, these vegetables also contain antioxidants, iron, folate etc. that bless the body of the toddler properly.

Whole grain cereals: We all know that whole grains are healthy to eat. Not only for an adult but for kids too. Whole grains contain a good amount of carbohydrates and fibre that help the baby to grow. Consumption of whole grain cereals helps the child by providing sufficient energy. Besides this, the presence of vitamin B helps the child in improving the focus of the brain.

Dairy products: Dairy products are essential during the period of growth of the child. Yoghurt, milk, cheese, butter etc. are some of the nutritious food items that help in the brain development of the child. They are a good source of proteins and carbohydrates that help in the development of the child. Besides this, it also helps in boosting the immune system of the body. However, not just this, consumption of yoghurt helps in better digestion of food as it contains a good amount of healthy bacteria in it. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of eating wheat)

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