What are the various food items that help to have better poop

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What are the various food items that help to have better poop

Having a good digestion system and healthy poop is desired by all. Whatever we eat, determines the kind of poop we will have. Thus, we should take a good care of what we eat. Our diet should be rich in various nutrients, in order to have a smooth and regular poop routine. We all know that fibres are must in our diet. They initiate proper bowel movement and keeps our poop regular. However excess of anything is bad too. Having a good excretion system is very much necessary otherwise all the waste will accumulate in the body. Besides this, having a proper digestion system is the must for the body to stay healthy. Otherwise, we might fall prey of various health issues. (Also read: Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about)

What are the various food items that help to have better poop?

Oranges: Citrus food items are rich in fibres. It helps to improve the digestion of food and helps to poop better. Thus involve more citrus rich food like oranges, lemon, strawberries, grapes etc. in your diet. Besides this, oranges are rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids, naringenin that helps to soften the poop. Thus, include more of citric rich food in your diet.

Almonds: We all are aware of the benefits of almonds. Rich in proteins, fibre, healthy fats and magnesium. Being so much enriched with essential nutrients, almonds are unavoidable. The magnesium content in the almonds helps in the movement of bowels down from the intestines. Besides this, almonds are healthy to keep the body warm and are a great snack too. (Also read: Why does a baby cry while pooping)

Prunes: For a very long time, people suggest eating prunes in case of constipation. They are rich in fibres, sorbitol, dihydroxyphenyl which helps in the bowel movement. Besides this, the laxative effect of the prunes helps to have smooth poop. Prunes have a rich amount of potassium in them which helps to get rid of the problem of constipation.

Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, beans, cabbage, kale etc. are some of the most healthy food items. These vegetables are rich in potassium, magnesium, fibre etc. which helps in the bowel movement. Besides this, they are rich in fluid content that helps to poop better.

Water: One must stay hydrated throughout the day in order to have healthy and regular poop. Water helps to soften the poop and helps to push it down to the digestive tract. Lack of water in the body is one of the major reason for constipation. Thus, stay hydrated. If you can’t drink plain water, add some sugar-free flavour to it. (Also read: The truth behind first poop and pee after your delivery)

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