How is the usage of deodorant harmful to the body

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How is the usage of deodorant harmful for the body

Be it any time of the season, sweating is one of the most common phenomena. Sweating and bad body odour comes hand to hand. When you smell bad in a public gathering, your body odour makes it tough for you to face anyone. You yourself feel disgusted with such bad body odour. Thus, in order to get rid of such situation, people often use deodorant and perfumes to stay fresh and smell good. But most of us do not even know that the usage of deodorant is extremely harmful to the body. No matter it blesses us with temporary fresh body odour but it may lead to some long-term problems to the body. Deodorants and antiperspirants contain paraben and aluminium which prove hazardous for the body. Let’s discuss the harmful effects of deodorants on the body. (Also read: How to get rid of excessive sweating हिंदी में पढ़ें)

How is the usage of deodorant harmful to the body?

Contains harmful chemicals: Deodorants contain harmful chemicals which are extremely bad for the body. When these chemicals come in contact with the skin, they lay a lot of side effects and cause skin related problems as well.

Have the possibility of containing pesticides: Triclosan is one of the harmful anti-bacterial pesticides which is used in few deodorants. It leads to inflammation of the skin, itching, rashes etc. It is extremely harmful to the body. Thus, do not use any such deodorant which contains triclosan. (Also read: What are the amazing health benefits of eating jaggery everyday)

Restricts the flow of sweat: Sweating is one of the natural and the most healthy practice of the body. It helps to keep the body cool by excreating out the excess of heat. Besides this, it also throws out an excess of toxins from the body. However, the use of deodorants prohibits the flow of sweat in order to keep the body away from bad odour. This, the toxins of the body remain inside the body and becomes harmful to it.

Might be harmful to the immune system: The amount of paraben present in the deodorants help to restrict the growth of bacteria in the body but according to the research, it affects the intestine of the body and finally affects the immune system of the body.

Causes stains on clothes: When you use deodorants, you will often find stain marks on your clothes, especially near your armpits. Deodorants often lead to yellow and black colour stains on your clothes. (Also read: Why you should never use a pillow while sleeping)

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