What Are The Unexpected Reasons Of Bad Breath

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Having a bad breath is quite embarrassing for people. This is the most humiliating thing if somebody tells you about it on your face. The worst problem is, when you have a bad breath, you can not bind it on your mouth. When you talk, it will definitely come out. Unfortunately, it ruins your entire impression. But do you know you can get rid of it by eliminating some of your habits? You can not even think that some of your regular habits are responsible to make your breath like a dragon. Hence, have a look at these unexpected reasons of having bad breath. Hope this helps you. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Parasites In The Body And Which Food Kills Them)

Skipping breakfast:
Do you skin your breakfast? This is one of the most common reasons for having bad breath. Staying on an empty stomach in the morning can be harmful to your mouth too. You do fasting for the entire night and even in the morning, if you stay empty stomach, it can rise up your acid level. This eventually leads to the pungent smell of your mouth. Try to eat at least an entire fruit in the morning so that your stomach does not stay empty.

What Are The Unexpected Reasons Of Bad Breath

Effect of certain drugs:
There are some certain medicines that can turn your normal breath into bad breath. These can include high blood pressure, antidepressants, and antihistamines. Your saliva is much needed to make your mouthwash away the food particles from the oral cavity. Moreover, saliva keeps your mouth moist, neutralizes acids. But some of the medicines get mixed with your saliva and create some medicinal weird taste in your mouth and eventually triggers bad breath.

If you neglect your tongue:
When you brush your teeth, do you always consider washing your tongue too? If not then this is your biggest mistake which leads to foul smell. Do you know that mouth bacteria always thrives all over your mouth and it increases when you do not wash your tongue? So, you can understand how pungent your mouth can smell if it has bacteria. (Also Read: What Are The Common Washroom Mistakes You Are Making Unknowingly)

You haven’t removed your wisdom teeth:
Many people tend to hold their wisdom teeth for a long time.They may scare to do it or just for any other reason they do not prefer to plug it off. These teeth are efficient enough to trap food and bacteria inside the gum and the tenth level. Hence, it becomes infected and stinky. Always take advice from your dentist if you face such situations.

Having low carb diet:
People, these days eat low carbohydrate foods. Just to maintain a good weight and avoiding extra fat can backfire you by creating bad breath. It may be helpful for your health and make you fit, but it can also make your dental care go worse. It happens because your sucrose secretion from the mouth does not get enough carbs to work on. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water)

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