What Are The Types Of Headache You Suffer From

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What Are The Types Of Headache You Suffer From

Suffering from a headache is awful. You suffer from a headache when you are excessively tensed, tired or you overthink a lot. Your headache can also be due to any illness. Thus, a proper treatment and medication are required to get rid of the severe headache problems. There are four major types of headaches which people commonly experience. Hence, a knowledge of the same is required so that you can stay aware on the type of a headache you are suffering from. Thus, you can then take necessary precautions. Please take read below on the types of a headache you suffer from. [Also Read: Why sleeping on left side of the body is beneficial]

A Tension Headache:

This is the type of a headache from which almost everyone suffers. In these days of long working days and tiring schedules with extreme pressure, people tend to get tense. This headache is not chronic and does not hamper regular activities but is disturbing. Over the counter medicines or balms can help you to get away from the same.

A Sinus Headache:

Sinusitis is a condition in which nasal passage gets inflamed. Hence, causing you an awful headache. A sinus headache is accompanied by fever and is diagnosed by MRI or CT Scan. The condition is very displeasing and the treatment for it is necessary. [Also Read: Signs suggesting failure of kidney]

A Migraine Headache:

A migrain headache is an extreme pain which worsens the health condition. It is a chronic headache which is either one-sided, a throbbing pain, pain which radiates from back of the head to front or which causes sensitivity to light. A migraine headache may accompany nausea or vomiting.

A Cluster Headache:

A cluster headache is a type which extends to the ear neck or shoulders. This occurs in recurring cycles and often attack one side of the head. A cluster headache causes much discomfort and may also lead to watery eyes or a runny nose. [Also Read: How Fingernails Tell About Your Bad Health]

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