Tips to remove shoes related problems

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tips to remove shoes related problems

Our feet remains encased in shoes for a long time which triggered many feet related problems like pain, skin scratches and blisters. It is very important to wear comfortable shoes as any injuries, pain or blisters in the feet cause problems in normal walking and you will also feel uncomfortable. You can not ignore footwear as there is no other option available. Moreover, if you wear shoes for a long time then it also starts stinking. Ironically, people often ignore the health of the feet, but having healthy feet is essential for overall health. You can make your shoes more comfortable and problem free with some amazing tips. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of consuming tulsi on empty stomach)

Let’s know about some tips for wearing shoes.

Erase the odour with baking soda

The shoe odour is a very common problem and due which you may also feel embarrassed. You can easily eliminate the odour of shoes with help of baking soda. To eliminate shoe odour sprinkle some baking soda on the shoes for overnight, the odour will completely disappear.

Use hair dryer

New shoes are often tight and due to which you feel uncomfortable while walking. You can use hair dryer before wearing a new pair of shoes. The hot air from the dryer expands the shoes and you will feel comfortable while walking. (Also read: What do your wrinkles reveal about your health)

Use gel deodorant

When shoes come in contact with the skin of the feet causes a problem like skin scratches and blisters. To get rid of this problem apply a gel deodorant on the shoes which acts as a lubricant and eliminate the risk of skin scratches. Moreover, it also eliminates the problem of shoe odour.

Clean with petroleum jelly

You can use petroleum jelly to clean shoes. With this, the shoes are easily cleaned, and they look fresh like a new pair of the shoes.

Use sandpaper

Many times your favourite shoes slip while walking, which increases the risk of injuries. To avoid this, you can rub sandpapers on the lower side of the shoes, so that the smooth surface of the shoes becomes rough and the shoes do not slip easily. (Also read: How to eliminate odour from clothes without washing in winters)

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