Tips to smell better: Which habits make you smell good

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Which habits make you smell good

Tips to smell better: By changing your some habits, you can remove bad body odour.

Body odour makes your first impression as it defines your personality. This also reveals your interest towards grooming. Unfortunately, many people have a problem of bad odour which causes embarrassment. There are many reasons for bad odours, such as poor eating habits, lack of water in the body, or excessive sweating. Many times, eating more spicy food also results in bad odour from the body. If you go out like – in office, in a meeting or on a date, you have to smell good. Otherwise, it causes embarrassment and makes your bad impression. For this, you need to adopt some daily habits that reduce the bad odour of your body and make you smell good. (Also read: What Are The Possible Causes Of Bad Body Odour)

Tips to smell better: What to do so that your body feels good:

  • Bath with anti-bacterial soap
  • Use antiperspirant spray
  • Wear good fabric cloth
  • Keep your armpit clean
  • Keep changing shoes and socks
  1. Bath with anti-bacterial soap
    Tips to smell better: Bath with anti-bacterial soap to smell good.

    Use anti-bacterial soap instead of using normal soap while bathing. Their use reduces bacterial growth on your body and makes you smell good. (Also read: What are the side effects of excess bathing)

  2. Use antiperspirant spray
    Antiperspirant spray contains aluminium chloride salt which dissolves in sweat and creates a gel. The gel on sweat glands helps in reducing sweat. The low sweat will reduce the bad odour of the body. (Also read: How to make the fragrance of the perfume last longer)
  3. Wear good fabric cloth
    Your skin gets the good amount of oxygen if we wear clothes of natural fabric such as silk and cotton. This means your sweat easily gets evaporated. Therefore, always prefer cotton and silk cloths.
  4. Keep your armpit clean

    Tips to smell better: Always keep armpit clean to smell good

    People have more sweating due to the hair on the body. If you have too much hair on armpit, then you sweat more. Because of this, the production of bacteria is high and odour comes from the armpit. So always clean your armpit. (Also read: How to get rid of dark underarms with baking soda)

  5. Keep changing shoes and socks
    Always wear same shoe and socks, your feet get stinking. Therefore, before wearing shoes and socks, leave it in the air for a while, so that the sweat evaporated and the bacteria destroyed.

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The bad odour of the body makes you feel embarrassed. In this regard, you adopt some simple habits to get rid of a problem. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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