Tips for allergy: What are the myths about allergy

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You should never believe on the myths about allergy

Tips for allergy: Facts about allergy

Allergy is a condition in which the immune system reacts abnormally to the harmless substances. These substances are allergens and found in plant pollen, dust mites, moulds, insect stings or food and some medicines. Moreover, the substances that is allergen for one person may not be for another. Everyone reacts differently to the allergen. The risk of allergies may be increased of the family members suffer from allergy or asthma. However, there are many myths surrounding allergies. If you believe these myths, they make your allergic condition more worst. You must be aware of actual facts about the myths. (Also read: Home remedies for food allergies: How to fight the food allergy naturally)

Tips for allergy: Let’s bust the myths about an allergy.

  • Allergies are just for kids
  • You can’t outgrow allergies
  • Relocating to another part of the country
  • Allergies don’t happen in the winter
  • It’s all in your head.


  1. Allergies are just for kids

    Not only kids suffer from allergy
    Tips for allergy: Adults can also suffer from allergy.

    Many people believe that only kids face the problems of allergy but this is not the truth. Allergies are not only for kids. Many adults face food- allergy problem. And many of them develop this allergy in their twenties and thirties.

  2. You can’t outgrow allergies
    This is not the true many people outgrow allergies over time. It is believed that many children outgrow allergies to milk or egg at the age of 16. The body’s reaction is higher in younger people. (Also read: Dust allergy: Home remedies for dust allergies)
  3. Relocating to another part of the country
    This is wrong as the allergens exist everywhere. In this regard, relocating will not help you to escape allergies. However, a change of climate may reduce your exposure to some allergens.
  4. Allergies don’t happen in the winter
    Winter is the best season for people who suffer from allergies. However, it does not mean that an allergic reaction can not occur during the season. In winter the outdoor allergens are less but still, there is a risk of outdoor allergies.
  5. It’s all in your head
    Many people believe that the reaction is psychosomatic. But the allergies are real. The allergies are the serious condition that can be fatal for some people.

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You must be aware of the fact about the allergies, so they can take precautionary measures at the earliest. You can also read this article in Hindi.  

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