What are the things you must avoid in the summer season to stay cool

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What are the things you must avoid in the summer season to stay cool

Summer is the season of dire heat and dryness in the air. Everyone desires to maintain the coolness in every possible manner during this season. It is not possible to change the way summer season operates but we can indeed find the ways to deal with it in a good and wonderful manner. It is important to stay cool in summers or else you will harm your health in the worst possible manner. So, you have to stay away from certain things to go through the summer in a happy and healthy manner. No matter what the season is your health is in your hands only! (Also read: Why do you feel hungry even after a meal)

Missing out on exercising
Many people think that summer is already so sweaty, so why make it worse by exercising? This notion is completely wrong as no matter what the season is, you must pay attention to your health and that includes exercising.

Drinking less amount of water
The major problems occur in summer due to the lack of water intake. This leads to dehydration which is a common problem in summer. So, it is better that you drink a healthy amount of water every day, at least 2 to 3 litres. (Also read: What are the common health issues you should never neglect)

Forgetting sunscreen
The summer season is particularly harsh for the skin. So, one must apply the sunscreen to keep away from the sun’s strong rays and the possibility of a sunburn. Make sure you pick a sunscreen with SPF higher than 15 or you can make your sunscreen at home.

Going out in the afternoon
If it is at all possible then please avoid going out in the afternoon as the sun’s impact is at its peak. You will be facing from fatigue and dehydration if you are out in the afternoon time.

Drinking ice cold water
Even though it might seem like the best idea to deal with the summer season, the ice cold water is not good for your health. It harms the digestion and immune system.  (Also read: Why sitting too much is bad for your health)

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