Some Surprising Sources Of Nutrients You May Not Know

Some Surprising Sources Of Nutrients You May Not Know

We all are mostly aware of the foods which contain a lot of nutrients and they are obviously good for our health. In fact, we largely know which food items contain which nutrients. That is why we eat those foods more when we feel the need of any particular nutrients. For example, we drink milk products more if we need to consume protein and calcium. But, we are not aware of the other sources which also contain an almost same amount of calcium or protein. So, if anybody has milk allergies but have lack of calcium in their body, they may try other surprising sources of the same nutrient. Here we are talking about these surprising sources of nutrients which we are not aware of. (Also Read: What Are The Benefits Of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) For Eyes)

Vitamine A:
We all know the best sources of vitamin A are Carrots, pumpkin sweet potatoes etc. But you may not know that other orange vegetables and fruits are also a great source of vitamin A. These sources make your vision better and clear. Not only this, it helps you to improve your immune system also. So, eat more cantaloupe, mango, and dried apricots to get this nutrient.

Vitamine D:
When it comes to consuming vitamin D, there is nothing better than adapting sunshine. But you may not know that you can get vitamin D from other sources which are, salmon, cod liver oil, and canned tuna. These foods help your bones to get stronger and grows well in kids. (Also Read: What Are The Causes Of Hot Flashes Except for Menopause)

Red meat, chicken liver are the common sources of iron we largely know about. Iron basically carries oxygen through your blood to all your cells and organs. Being vegetarian it becomes difficult for few propel to consume iron in their body as they do not know about other sources. These are soybeans, lentils, Beans, peas, kidney beans etc.

Vitamin C:
When it comes to vitamins C. We talk about different types of lemon and bell peppers. This vitamin is extremely important absolutely important for protecting our body from free radical damage. Moreover, it heals wounds and prevents many diseases. Hence, as surprising options, you can try broccoli, green pepper, brussels sprouts, kiwi fruit, cantaloupe, and cauliflower.

The most common sources of calcium are milk and milk related products. But if anybody is having milk allergies then it becomes difficult for them to consume calcium. But, they do not know about other strong sources of calcium. These are salmon fish, Firm tofu, soymilk or orange juice etc. (Also Read: Which Foods Turn Toxic When They Are Cooked)

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