What are the subtle signs of silent reflux

What are the subtle signs of silent reflux

The silent reflux is also known as the laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux. It is difficult to know the signs of this problem. The silent reflux problem leads to the acid formation in the stomach and leads to problems in your throat. In this condition, it is not important that you will face burning sensation in your chest, but the real victims are your vocal cord and throat. There are many kinds of acids in the stomach, but when these acid reach the vocal cord and food pipe, then you feel uncomfortable and troubled. The main relax for the silent reflux is that the acid pops into the food pipe. Therefore it is important to recognize its signs so that you can be aware if you are dealing with this problem.

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Frequent infection
The swelling in the Mucous membranes can lead to frequent infection. It makes your immune system weak. Due to silent reflux the risk of bacterial infection, fungal infection and viral infection is high.

Dental problem
Have you observed that even after brushing you are facing the problem of the cavity? This might be because of acid reflux, as the acid reflux leads to change in colour of the tooth enamel. The acid can reach the mouth as well and impact your dental health.

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Excessive coughing for a long time
The problem of silent reflux can lead to the issue of excessive coughing as well. It harms your throat. Other than that it can damage the wide pipe and the membrane in it as well. Over the time it turns into excessive

Problem in swallowing the food
When you try to eat the food and push it down the food pipe, you face the problem of swallowing it. This happens due to the problem of silent reflux.

Pain and horseness while talking
The most obvious sign of silent reflux is that it leads to pain and hoarseness while talking. The swelling leads to difficulty in talking.

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