How to stay awake naturally for a longer duration

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How to stay awake naturally for a longer duration

There are times in your life when you have to give up your biological sleeping cycle and stay awake for a long time. It can be due to exams, an important presentation or a night shift. During those times people simply try to have more and more caffeine to stay awake. However, you don’t need to succumb to the unnatural means to stay awake, simply try the natural ways and tricks. These ways will help you to stay awake for a longer duration. At the same, you must remember that healthy sleeping routine is must for a healthy life. Let’s find out about the ways! (Also read: What are the health benefits of the mango seeds)

Nap or power nap
If you know that you have to stay up for a long time, then the best way is to take a nap. If you don’t have the time for a nap then just take a power nap for 10 minutes. It will give your eyes a much-needed rest.

Bright light
When you are working late at night, don’t make the mistake of keeping the ambience dull and dim. Turn the bright light on to make it easier for your body to stay awake. (Also read: How artificial sweeteners harm your health)

Take breaks
Constantly working for long hours can make anyone tired. This tiredness eventually leads to sleepiness. So, after every half, an hour take a break and distract your mind. You can take a walk or stretch your arms and legs.

Stay hydrated
When you are working late, it can be difficult to focus on your work if you are not hydrated. The water also makes you feel refreshed.

Take a healthy snack
It is important to remember that your mind can not work on an empty stomach. However, make sure you are not consuming anything heavy. Just take some healthy snacks to keep yourself energised and active when you are working. (Also read: What are the amazing facts you did not know about eggs)

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