Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about

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Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about

We often feel disgusted when we talk about poop. Though it is not a soothing or very interesting topic to talk about. But it is something we all should be aware of. Our poop symbolises our health conditions. The colour, the smell, the frequency, the amount of poop etc. denotes whether we are physically and emotionally fit or not. Not just this, it even tells some of the secrets about the human body and the stress level. You might not like the idea of discussing poop in detail. However, one must know some of the important facts about human body and human poop. Ignoring the signs which human poop suggests, might land you in great trouble later in life in terms of health issues. (Also read: What are the natural ways to detox your lungs)

Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about?

Poop ought to smell bad: Most of us feel disgusted while pooping. The smell of the poop, sometimes making it hard for us to sit on the toilet seat for longer. However, that’s what poop is all about. It contains bacteria which are quite foul in the smell. The amount of sulphur present in the poop dictates the odour of the bowel. However, too stinky poop might indicate some growth of parasite or some serious health issue.

Most of the poop is watery in nature: If your body is functioning properly, your poop comprises 75% water. Our poop usually contains fat, fibre, bacteria, food etc. However, our diet decides the composition of our poop. Thus, we are often suggested to have a good amount of fibre in our diet, so that we can have a smooth bowel movement. It helps us to even prevent the problem of constipation in the body. (Also read: What are the factors that are making your bones weak)

Brown poop is actually a good indicator: The colour of the poop suggests a lot about your health. Keeping aside the change in the colour of poop according to your diet, the ideal colour of poop is brown. Well, it has got logic with it. Bile is responsible for turning our poop brown in colour. This fluid makes a journey from the liver to intestines and ultimately deposits in the poop. There is a product called stercobilin which is responsible for making the poop brown in colour.

The human body produces a lot of poop: On an average, male produce more poop than female. In a day a human body can produce half kg poop in a day. It entirely depends on our body weight, about how much amount of poop is normal for our body.

Poop is connected to our stress level: There is a connection between the bacteria present in our poop and the stress of our mind. The presence of bacteria in our gut directly influences the mental status of our mind. The good bacteria helps to provide peace to our mind whereas the bad bacteria causes stress. Not just this, when we are too stressed, it directly affects our digestion and the bowel movement. (Also read: How is the usage of deodorant harmful to the body)

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