Why sitting too much is bad for your health

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Why sitting too much is bad for your health

There are certain things that can be harmful to you, even when it comes to a simple thing like sitting. When you are in office you spend all your time in sitting position mostly. Even when you reach home, you spend most of your timing in sitting position. Sitting for a long time can affect your posture and cause other health problems as well. So, it is better for your health that instead of sitting for a long time period, take a small break in between. So, let’s find out what happens when you stay in a sitting position. (Also read: What are the common myths related to smoking)

Harm to your spine
When you keep sitting for a long time period, then all the pressure is focused on the lower part of your spine. This is more prominent in the case of sitting on a chair as your spine is unable to stay straight. This leads to space between the disc and harms the spine,

Heart problem
Sitting in the same posture makes it hard to burn fat as you are in inactivity. Thus, the chances of clogging in the veins are more. It can cause a problem in your heart as well as lead to high blood pressure. (Also read: Brown Rice Vs White Rice- Which One Is Better)

Mental problem
The slow blood pressure in brain cells, affects your mental health in the worst possible manner. This happens if you keep sitting in the same posure for a long time.

You can’t exercise much
When you develop a habit of sitting for a long time period, you feel comfortable in sitting all the time. Then it is obvious that you find it hard to get time to exercise or you even feel to do it.

Leads to weight gain
When you just sit at one place for a prolonged time period, then you end up gaining weight. It happens due to inactivity and eating constantly while sitting in the same place. This leads to weight gain. (Also read: What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health)

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