Signs suggesting failure of kidney

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Signs suggesting failure of kidney

A kidney is one of the most important organs of the body. There are normally two kidneys inside the human body. However, the function of the kidney is very critical. The purification of the blood takes place inside the kidney. They help to excrete out the toxins and waste away from the body through the bladder. Besides this, kidney also helps in the proper regulation of potassium, salt and maintaining the level of acid inside the body. One of the major tasks of a kidney is to control the production of red blood cells. When the kidney is unable to perform the required function of purification of blood or filtering of blood, it is often taken as kidney failure.

However, it is a noticing fact that most of the times, our body do not show any strong signs damage of kidney even when it’s not functioning properly. (Also read: What are the harmful effects of eating junk food)

Here are some of the major signs that suggest failing of kidney:

Less urinating: When the frequency of urination declines, it’s a sign that might suggest inefficient working of a kidney. It thus stores most of the fluid in the tissues and secrets out very less of it. Thus, the toxins of the body remain inside it.

Increased tiredness and drowsiness: Usually, the increased feeling of tiredness and excess sleeping is often the sign of improper functioning of a kidney. One of the important function of the kidney is to regulate the level of haemoglobin inside the body. It may even make you anaemic and even scratch out the necessary energy from your body. (Also read: What are the amazing uses of rubbing alcohol)

A rise in the level of blood pressure: Usually kidney is the regulators of blood pressure in the body. Any damage to the kidney results in a rise in the level of blood pressure. The blood vessels inside the kidney often become weak due to the force of blood. Thus, the kidney gets damaging more and more.

Losing appetite: When the kidney is not in a normal functioning, it often leads to loss of appetite. It gives the feeling of nausea and irritation too. It often becomes intensified and starts disturbing the brain and the heart.

Swelling and weight gain: Often the inappropriate functioning of kidney leads to weight gain. Swelling of feet and arms is again one of the common phenomena. When the kidney does not work properly then the waste does not get secreted out. This, however, floods the body with water content and waste.

Cause heart palpitation: The functions of different body parts are almost interlinked. Disturbance in any one cause a disturbance in the rest too. Thus improper functioning of the kidney leads to changes in the normalcy of heart beat as the potassium content in the body rises up. (Also read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Protein Deficiency In The Body)

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