What are the signs that show you have a food allergy

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What are the signs that shows you have a food allergy

Food allergy means that your body is allergic to certain types of food items. This is because our immune system loses the potential to digest and tolerate the food. Thus, while you consume these foods, the body resists their intake and shows some of the major signs. Sometimes the signs that our body gives are too loud and other times the signs are too low. This can be a severe allergy known as anaphylaxis. However, there is more than one body part involved which shows up the allergic reaction. Let’s discuss these signs that our body shows up. (Also read: What are the signs that you are eating too much sugar)

What are the signs that show you have a food allergy?

Itching and uneasiness on skin
What are the signs that show you have a food allergy
When the food allergy strikes, a person often undergoes itching on skin, eczema, rashes, swollen patches, redness and tenderness. It often takes place on the arms, legs and the joints. If you feel like itching your whole body after eating something and your body turns red, do not ignore these signs.

Pulse rate fluctuation
Rise and fall in the pulse rate often indicate a kind of food allergy only. Food allergy does not reflect only on the skin. It intermingles with the blood and affects the blood pressure as well. If you feel unconscious after having any meal, then visit the nearby doctor. (Also read: What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes)

Pain in the chest
What are the signs that show you have a food allergy
If you are facing trouble in digesting food or having intense pain in the chest then it might be a sign of food allergy. The ingredient that causes the food allergy often misleads our immune system. Thus, the immune system then supplies wide amount of white blood cells to the oesophagus. It causes swelling, the food gets stuck in the food pipe.

If your stomach gets upset after the meal or you have a severe pain in the stomach then it signifies you are allergic to certain type of food item. You must visit your nearest doctor in case you face this problem every time you eat that food product.

Swelling of lips, tongue and neck
If you are consuming any such food items which bring swelling to your lips, tongue and the neck then you might be allergic to this food item. Do not ignore these signs and visit your nearby doctor. (Also read: What are the probable reasons for stomachache after every meal)

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