What Are The Signs Say That Your Body Wants More Fibre

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What Are The Signs Say That Your Body Wants More Fibre

Fibre is very important for your body. This component helps us to make our body works better and function without any hassle. Although the requirement of the fibre depends on age and gender. It, in fact, keeps your body stay full for a longer time. But unfortunately, fibre only be found in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products and dried beans. So, many people unknowingly avoid intaking these foods and suffer from many health problems. But, when your body feels lacks fibre, it starts reacting. Hence, we have come up with these signs which tell you that you need to eat more fibre to stay healthy. (Also Read: Foods Which Wreck Your Health If You Consume Them In The Wrong Hours)

Constipation is the most evident sign that your body needs more fibre. If your body is having less than three bowel movements, you will feel constipated. But fibre helps your body to get the soft, bulky stools, relieving and preventing constipation. Moreover, fibre is good for your overall gut health which promotes good digestion and stool pass.

Weight gain:
Lack of fibre in your body can promote weight gain. When fibre swells in your body it makes your stomach stay full for a longer time. So, you do not feel eating more. It prevents you from overeating. Furthermore, you have to chew fibre-rich food for a longer time and that is why you end up eating less. Moreover, these foods are high in water and less in calories. (Also Read: What Are The Causes Of Acid Reflux)

High blood sugar:
Diabetic patients always keep an eye on your fibre intake. Soluble fibre makes the sugar absorption from the small intestine into the bloodstream in the body gets delayed. This process promotes the blood sugar level to a harmful reach. This, in turn, helps control blood sugar levels.

Feeling sleepy after every meal:
Many of us feel sleepy every time after eating a meal. It easily helps them sleep better if anybody wants to take a nap after every meal. As fibre is essential for keeping your blood sugar levels stable, the sugar level in your body will be triggered. That is why you feel sleepy.

Feeling hungry sometimes after eating:
If your body is not getting enough fibre, it will start poking for hunger in some time. In fact, if you eat food, then also after some time, your body will carve for foods. Fibre swells inside your body and makes your stomach stay full for a longer time. But if your body is not getting enough fibre, it will after poking you in hunger again and again. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Mushrooms)

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