What are the signs that indicate that blood circulation is not correct in your body

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signs indicate blood circulation not correct body

It is very important to have good blood circulation for good health. Blood helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. If there is a problem in blood circulation then it might lead to many health problems. If it is not treated, it increases the risk of damage to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys. There are many reasons behind the bad blood circulation. By recognizing its signals, you can cure it with the help of treatment. So let’s tell you about its signs so that you can fix it. (Also read: What Are The Warning Signs Of Oral Health You Should Never Ignore)

Numbness of hands and legs

Numbness of many organs in the body, especially hands and feet, are due to the poor blood circulation. It can also be due to excessive pressure on the hands and feet, staying out in the cold and due to lack of vitamin B12.

Less appetite

Gastrointestinal tract needs blood to digest food and to transport nutrients from the intestine to the body. But when the blood circulation is slowed, your digestive system does not digest food quickly and also causes problems for your metabolism. (Also read: Why you should always chew your food properly)

Weakness of the immune system

The blood circulatory system is responsible for keeping the immune system healthy. When your body does not have blood circulation properly then your body can not get vitamins and minerals to fight infections. Because of which the immune system becomes weak.

Changes in skin colour

When the right amount of oxygen is not available to the skin, its colour changes. The colour of the skin starts to turn dark. When you notice, the skin near the gums, eyes and lips starts getting blue.

Pain while walking

If you feel pain or strain in the hips muscles while walking on a daily basis, then it is due to the lack of blood circulation in the legs. This is an indication that blood circulation is not correct in your whole body. (Also read: Why You Should Replace Your Plastic Comb With The Wooden One)

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