What are the signs that you are eating too much sugar

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What are the signs that you are eating too much sugar

Having a sweet tooth is not a bad thing but consumption of too many sweets because of this is not a good idea. Too much sugar is extremely harmful to our overall health. We all know that excess of everything is actually bad for our health. So, is the case with sugar. If we consume sugar in moderation, it is acceptable. However, many of us go gaga over sweets and want to gulp dozens of chocolates at one time. Eventually, our body gets affected in the worst manner. We make ourselves vulnerable to many life-threatening health issues. It may lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, lethargy and various heart-related issues. Let’s find out how our body indicates that we are consuming too much sugar. (Also read: What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes)

What are the signs that you are eating too much sugar?

Weight gain: When we consume sugar in excess, we are more prone to gain weight. It eventually makes us obese in no time. The increase in the insulin level of the body leads to excess fat in the body. It even slows down the metabolism rate. As a result of which, the fat cells get accumulated and make us obese. It has been studied that sugar and obesity go hand-in-hand.

Poor oral hygiene: When we consume sugar products in excess, it tends to spoil our oral health.According to a study, it leads to damaging the enamel of the teeth, leads to gum pain and causes cavities. The bacteria and germs gather in the teeth and corrode them. Overall, too much sugar is not at all good for our teeth and gums. (Also read: What are the probable reasons for stomachache after every meal)

Type 2 diabetes: We all are well aware of the fact that, too much consumption of sugar can lead to the problem of diabetes. Excess of sugar enriched diet can make you a type 2 diabetes patient and reduce the metabolic rate of the body causing metabolic syndrome. It is also proved in a study that the excess fat in the body increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Heart-related issues: Heart-related diseases are unavoidable if your sugar consumption is way too high. Excess of sugar in your diet can increase the risk of many life-threatening diseases. It leads to high blood pressure which ultimately affects our heart health. When the blood pressure is too high then the arteries are forced to work efficiently and harder. This increases the risk of heart strokes, heart attacks and various other heart-related problems.

Mood swings: Too much consumption of sugar leads to the problem of mood swings. It may make you feel depressed at one time and happy at another. It eventually leads to laziness, lethargy, exhausted, anxious etc. Thus, limiting the consumption of sugar is very important for everyone. (Also read: What are the low-calorie breakfast options for a healthy morning)

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