What are the signals that show you have got addiction to smartphones

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What are the signals that show you have got addiction to smartphones

This is digital age and no one can restrict himself from using the phone. The phone helps you to work. If you do not have a phone even for an hour, then you feel restless. This makes it clear that wishing life without a phone is difficult in today’s time. You use your phone to talk, pay a bill, entertainment, surfing, and for information. Of course, the phone is a device with has many advantages. No one can deny the fact that the phone also has a disadvantage and phone addiction is one of them. (Also read: What Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Camphor Or Karpur)

Let’s know the signs that tell you that you’ve got an addiction to the smartphone.

Your phone’s battery does not run for more than a day

If you have to charge your phone several times a day, then you yourself can understand that you have got an addiction to the phone. Due to the excess use, your phone is quickly out of battery.

You do not leave your phone alone during charging

When your phone is on charging, you don’t like the idea of leaving your phone alone. So you sit near your phone. This signal also suggests that you are addicted to your phone. (Also read: What Are The Signs Say That You Have Too Many Toxins In Your Body)

You are afraid of losing your phone

Those who have phone addiction always fear the loss of their phones. If such people lose their phone then they are at a great risk of panic attack.

You carry the phone in the bathroom

If you are a victim of phone addiction then you do not want to leave your phone at any time. Even in the bathroom, you carry your phone along with you. For this reason, it takes more time than usual to get you out.

You are also using the phone for social events

Social events, opportunities and such occasions are for meeting and talking to people so that you can become social. If you are also using the phone at such places, then it is clear that you are addicted to your phone.

Selfie all the time

Wherever you are, you might not be having time but you do not forget to take selfies. This addiction of taking your self directly indicates that you are a victim of phone addiction. (Also read: What Are The Foods You Should Avoid During Cold And Flu)

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