Saturated fats: Which saturated fats rich foods should be restricted for better health

Foods rich in saturated fats you should avoid

Saturated fats: Avoids saturated fats rich foods.

Saturated foods are fatty foods that have the higher melting point and solid at room temperature. These fats mainly found in the cheese and in animal products. Consumption of saturated fats increases the level of bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol accumulated on the walls of the arteries, which the smooth flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body. To maintain health and prevent serious health problem, it is necessary to keep check the levels of cholesterol level. Therefore, you should also restrict the intake of saturated fats. You must avoid foods which are a rich source of saturated fats. (Also read: Fat burn: How almonds help to burn fats)

Saturated fats: Which saturated rich foods you should avoid.

  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • Processed meat
  • Dried and sweetened coconut
  • Deep fried foods
  1. Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise is the rich source of saturated fats. The hundred gram of mayonnaise contains 12-gram saturated fats. In this regard avoid excessive consumption of mayonnaise.
  2. Butter

    Saturated fats: Consume less butter to stay healthy.

    Butter is the essential part of meals but it is also the good source of saturated fats. The 100 gram of butter contains 51-gram saturated fats and 1 tablespoon butter contain 14.2-gram saturated fats. For the sake of better health always consume as less as butter as you can. (Also read: Benefits of butter: What are the benefits of eating butter in moderation)

  3. Processed meat
    Processed meat like sausage and salami are the rich source of saturated fats. Moreover, the processed meat also contain animal fat, which is unhealthy. Instead of consuming processed meat, consume tofu, lean meat and chicken breast to get the adequate amount of protein.
  4. Dried and sweetened coconut
    Dried coconut and sweetened is unhealthy as compared to tender coconut or even coconut oil. The dried and sweetened coconut is the rich source of saturated fats. For better health avoid consumption of dried coconut.
  5. Deep fried foods
    Deep fried foods are a good source of saturated and trans fats. The fried foods have are unhealthy for the body. Fried foods like fried chicken and batter-fried foods should be avoided.

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Consumption of saturated fats is unhealthy. To restrict the consumption of saturated fats, you must be aware of foods which are the rich source of saturated fats.

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