Salad causes bloating- Top reasons why a bowl of healthy salad cause bloating

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Salad causes bloating.

A bowl of salad can cause bloating in stomach.

Salad causes bloating: When people focus on the fitness they start consuming healthy food. There is a variety of healthy foods available which provides nutrients and minerals to the body. Among all food items, the salad is considered as one of the best food to maintain fitness level. The salad provides all the nutrients, minerals fibre and protein in an adequate amount to the body. Consumption of healthy salad helps you to achieve fitness goals like weight loss, weight gain and gaining muscles. Despite salad is one of the healthiest options, sometimes people complain about bloating in the stomach after consuming a bowl of salad. You need to identify the reason, so you can not feel bloated after consuming a blow of salad. (Also read: How to keep yourself fit amid the busy life)

Salad causes bloating: Let’s know the reason for bloating after consuming a bowl of salad

This article includes:  

  • Wrong dressing
  • Your salad is piled with raw veggies
  • Common toppings are sneaking in extra salt and sugar
  • Legumes are causing a fibre overload
  1. Wrong dressing

    The proper dressing of salad is mandatory.

    The dressing plays an important role in a salad as it improves the taste. It is very important to do proper dressing of salad. Use the proper amount of oil, salt and sugar in a salad, because these all things can lead to bloating.

  2. Your salad is piled high with raw veggies
    The raw veggies are full of nutrients. They also contain a good amount of fibre. Despite the fibre is good for health but extra consumption of fibre is bad. The extra fibre stuck in your digestive tract and cause bloating. You can also lose weight with salad diet plan, to know more click here.    
  3. Common toppings are sneaking in extra salt and sugar
    Topping of dried fruits on your salad may enhance the taste of your salad but they are the reasons for bloating. This occurs because they often contain added sugar and salt.
  4. Legumes are causing a fibre overload
    Pulses are a good source of iron as well as fibre. Canned beans can lead to bloating because they often have higher quantities of raffinose-a sugar that our bodies struggle to break down. (Also read: Which foods one must avoid having healthy kidneys)

The salad is one of the best ways to maintain the fitness level. It provides all the essential nutrients required by the body to lose weight, gain weight and also to have lean muscles. To avail all the benefits, it mandatory to consume salad in right way. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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