What Are The Regular Habits That Harm Your Immune System

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What Are The Regular Habits Harm Your Immune System Unknowingly

Do you know few of our regular habits can shrink the immunity? Yes! This is true. But you may not know that there are many regular habits can kill your immune system gradually and directly affect this on your health. The more your immune system is breaking down, your body will start welcoming viruses, bacterias and many more health issues. These problems may lead you to suffer from cold, flu, anaemia etc. Hence, we are here to tell you that what are your regular habits that are harming you. Have a look at the following. (Also Read: How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body)

Not caring about your personal hygiene:
Many of us do not take a good care of our personal hygiene. As a result, people suffer from many bacterial diseases repeatedly. This is the primary symptom to know that you are suffering from the low immune system. If you do not use a hand sanitizer or wash your hand carefully before eating, it will definitely welcome various kinds of infections.

There is nothing new to talk about side effects of stress.If you are trapped by stress, your body will start releasing Cortisol. This is a hormone which increases when we suffer from stress. Unfortunately, this hormone can basically shrink our immune system and make us suffer from many other diseases physically. (Also Read: What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health)

Drinking less water:
Our body is mostly made up of water. So, to maintain this level, additionally, we have to drink more water. This will help our entire body to work better. But if you do not drink sufficient water, your body will start losing its immune power and welcome virus bacteria and many other diseases. To maintain the right water level, you have to drink 8-10 glasses water throughout an entire day.

Eating excessive junk foods:
You all knew that junk foods have a lot of oil and spices which eventually effect on your entire body by gathering oil and toxins. This not only makes you fat but makes you suffer from many health issues. So, it is natural that you will lose your immunity gradually. (Also Read: What Are The Foods That Balance Your Hormones For Younger Looking Skin)

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