What are the reasons that our eyes keep on watering so often

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What are the reasons that our eyes keep on watering so often

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Watering of eyes is one of the most annoying problems one can undergo. It not only causes irritation but also creates hindrance to the normal working. There are many reasons that our eyes get watery at times. Mind it, there is nothing about crying or tears because of some emotional event or memory. Watering of eyes is just a normal infection in the eyes and there are multiple other reasons for the same. This watery tear spreads across the eye and drains through the tear ducts. There are various infections and stress that leads to the problem of watery eyes. Let’s discuss the reasons in detail. (Also read: What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast)

What are the reasons that our eyes keep on watering so often?

Too much dryness in the atmosphere: When there is extreme dryness in the weather, it often leads to the problem of teary eyes. The dryness in the weather snatches off all the moisture from the skin and the eyes. Eventually, the lacrimal glands start producing known as reflex tears. Even if we sit in an airconditioned room for a long time, we often come across this problem.

Too much strain on your eyes: When we sit with our entire focus onto our computer screens, we often tend to face the problem of watery eyes. The eyes get too much tired and thus tends to water. Therefore, it is often advised to blink your eyes time and again while you are working on laptop or computer screen. (Also read: What are the various signs that you have low blood sugar level)

Your contact lenses are creating the trouble: When you wear your contact lenses for too long, you will often face the problem of dryness of eyes. The contact lenses snatch out all the natural moisture leaving the eyes dry. Thus, one should consult the doctor and replace the lenses often enough. Besides this, do not wear lenses for more than 8 hours at a stretch.

Your makeup is hurting your eyes: When you apply too much makeup, you may face the problem of watering of eyes. Sometimes, we make mistakes while applying the eye makeup. The inappropriate lining of makeup between the eyes and the eyelashes often leads to watering of eyes.

The problem of sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is the problem of breathing too much or snoring while you are sleeping. It often leads to the problem of snoring, a rise in blood pressure, obesity etc. Under this condition, our upper eyelid is quite flexible and stay wide open or flop open to dry out the eyes. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of consuming tulsi on empty stomach)

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