Raw Foods: Which foods must not be consumed in a raw form

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Which food items are dangerous for the body if consumed in a raw form

Raw food items: There are some food items which are dangerous if consumed in a raw form.

Raw Foods: If you like to eat fresh salad then you must be eating some raw vegetables as well. Consumption of raw vegetables is great for the body because they provide full nourishment to the body. Cooking them declines their nutritious value. However, if you eat raw food in a great amount, then you must be a little careful. Some food items harm the body in a worse manner if they are consumed in a raw form. They are toxic and affect the body. Thus, the next time, you prepare your salad bowl, you must remain a little alert about which vegetables you should not eat in a raw form. Let’s discuss in detail. (Also read: What are the health benefits of raw banana)

Raw food items: Foods to avoid eating in a raw form

  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli


Which food items are harmful if eating in a raw form
Raw food: One must never eat potatoes in a raw form as they are dangerous for the body.

Potato is used to prepare many dishes and most of the people love to eat potatoes. But one must not eat it raw. Raw potatoes contain toxins which can cause a gastric problem and affect the digestive system. Not just this, it may cause nausea, headache too.

These days people use mushrooms in salads and gravy dishes. Consumption of mushrooms after cooking is nutritious but eating raw mushrooms is harmful to the body. Raw mushrooms have microbes which cause digestive issues and food poisoning as well.

Most of us consume milk after boiling it. But some people drink milk raw. Raw milk has microbes like e.coli, salmonella etc. which can cause microbial diseases.

Those who want to build muscles or go to the gym often consume raw egg. Besides this, in some food items, in order to add a different taste people add egg yolk. However, a raw egg contains Salmonella and other bacteria which can lead to many diseases in the body.


What are the foods we must never consume in a raw form
Raw food: Eating raw broccoli is dangerous for our digestive system.

Consumption of broccoli is often done in salads and few gravy dishes as well. It is loaded with nutrients and is great for the body. But eating broccoli without cooking it can be harmful to the body. Eating raw broccoli makes it difficult to digest it and increases the sugar level as well.

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These are some of the food items which one must not eat in a raw form. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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